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Waterproofing and Vinyl Deck Membranes in Whitehorse

At AFAB Enterprises, we have over 20 years of experience providing residential and commercial waterproofing solutions in the Yukon. We’re fully insured and bonded and offer year-round service, since we know that waterproofing concerns can happen during any season. Whether you’re looking to waterproof your foundation, an underground slab, or install a vinyl deck membrane, our Whitehorse waterproofing professionals have you covered. Give us a call to request your free estimate today!

foundation waterproofing

A leaking foundation can cause all kinds of problems for a home or business owner, including water damage to your belongings, drywall, and flooring, as well as mould issues. Don’t let a little moisture cause big expenses for your property. If you require foundation waterproofing, contact us right away. We’ll give you a free estimate so you’ll know just what to expect. Getting repairs done quickly can save you a lot of money and frustrations down the road, so don’t delay!


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